Sunday, December 2, 2012

Preserve This!

It's unclear to me if I'm trying to prepare for doomsday or just return to a simpler time when grocery stores and modern food preservation did not exist but I'm really into the idea of a pantry full of mason jars.

To this end, I preserved a record number of things this year.  To be clear, my previous record was 1.  I've done Antipasto with my mom & sister.  Red Pepper Jelly with my mom.  Spaghetti sauce with EDP.  But I think I've only ever done one of those things a year.  Anyway...  With the community garden participation this year, we had lots of delicious, tasty vegetables so I made:

Zucchini Relish - my mom's recipe.  Hers is delicious.  On a fabulous homemade burger, I'd rather have no relish than store bought stuff.  So I made some and it's not as good as Mom's but it's decent.  Also, it's a completely different colour.  Beginning to suspect she gave me a bogus recipe, claiming it's hers but really is trying to sabotage my efforts.  I wouldn't put it past her, she's crafty like that.

Butternut Squash Soup - this only made two jars and I suspect one of them didn't seal properly but one day this winter, we'll have some delicious soup made with squash we grew.  Totally bad ass, I know.

Salsa - the recipe of one of the ladies I work with.  She also joined a community garden this year and also is into preserving stuff.  She turned me on to an awesome book on preserves that turned into three books now sitting on the end table, waiting for me to go through and flag everything I want to try.  But back to the salsa - it was really easy to do, I will probably never buy jarred salsa again.  My salsa is definitely not spicy but I think it would be really easy to split the batch and make some that is more EDP's style and some that's more my style all in one go.

I did also make delicious peach jam for one of my other Things so in total, I did 400% more canning than I usually do.  And now that I'm in my gorgeous, big kitchen, I think I'll have a couple of canning days next year.  I definitely want to do a couple of different jams and I wouldn't mind doing some peaches or pears.  I'm sure a lot of people think canning stuff is old fashioned and why would you do it when you can buy that shit in a store but there's something really appealing to me about knowing what's in the jar and that I can pronounce everything in the recipe.

Moral of the story - I'm gonna can a bunch more stuff next year.

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