Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thing 1's Book 9: the Shadow of the Wind

This book was recommended by Jenn, one of the super awesome people that EDP works with.  If you aren't familiar with this book, you need to run out and get it ASAP.  It was so good, I could hardly put it down.  It just had this magical quality about it.  It was one of those books that you close it at the end and look around you and are totally surprised that you are in your own house and not in the place that the book is set in.  

I love that this was the last book in Thing 1.  It was the perfect note to end on and is exactly why I added Thing 1 to my list to begin with.  While Jenn is awesome, her major flaws in life are that she has an English degree and she is a writer/editor for a living.  So I was worried that her pick would be like one of the books EDP buys me for my birthday or Christmas - something that is meant to "expand my horizons." So I really postponed picking this up because I was worried it would bore me to tears.  But it didn't.  It was just flat out fantastic and I never would have picked it up if it hadn't been recommended to me.

Anyway, when I finished it on October 14, 2012, I finished Thing 1 so I'm striking it off the list.

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