Monday, May 23, 2011

Thing 70: Visit with my Gran at least once every 2 months

I don't see my Gran nearly as often as I should.  I live fairly close (even closer now that I'm in Guelph) and she's a lovely lady so there's no reason not to.  I'll be visiting with her at least once every 2 months, starting now.  It certainly won't be hard.  I can tag along with my parents when they go see her or take my dog up to visit her or invite her down here for an afternoon...  Lots of options and opportunities.  Time to start taking advantage of them.

How will I know I'm done?
This one will go right to the end of my 1001 days.  If I stay on track with seeing my Gran at least every 2 months, I'll be done.

How am I doing?
So far, I'm on track

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